UHNI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual)

UHNI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual)

UHNI is an acronym that stands for Ultra High Net Worth Individual. It is used to refer to individuals and families with liquid assets of more than $30 million. This wealth usually excludes the primary residence, consumer durables, and collectibles in possession of the individual. According to a reliable estimate, UHNI individuals constitute just 0.003% of the population but they hold nearly 13% of the total wealth of the world. Catering to such individuals requires meticulous attention as they generally have a different taste and higher expectations for customer service.

We provide an entirely bespoke fiduciary and administrative service for these high net worth individuals and their families. Dibbs & company team of experts will work closely with your advisors and family offices to help preserve and protect your family wealth. We work through established contacts, networking, CEO, government officials etc as directed by our mode of operation and U.K property acquisition law.

A loyalty that brings total peace of mind to UNHI clients, Dibbs & company will provide you with the unbeatable combination of expert service at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. With Dibbs & company UHNWI service, you will enjoy a detailed report of your purchased properties.

Also, we have extensive experience in establishing and managing complex, high-value structures for international clients who want to acquire properties in U.K. We have a deep understanding of the issues that come with inter-generational wealth transfers and succession planning. The fact that we are dealing with the second and third generations of many of our client families is a testimonial to our loyal and dedicated services. All our UNHI clients know they can trust us blindly and that their financial interests are safe with us. It is this trust and confidence that makes these clients turn to us for their new projects. They also refer us to their other UNHI friends.

However, your needs continue to evolve, and your financial priorities keep on changing. Your circumstances at any given point of time in life may require the most tailored, sophisticated solutions that go beyond standard products. This is where our huge experience and skills of handling properties of high net worth individuals come in handy.

Dibbs & company team of experts will assist in crucial decision making in a discrete acquisition or disposal of assets. Our understanding of luxury assets enables us to provide the best personal concierge service to clients who are from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.
At Dibbs & company, we offer a one-stop-shop approach, backed by a dedicated team of highly trained relationship managers. This provides the starting point for customized solutions such as

Property acquisition
Mortgage solutions
Property development advice
Property disposals
Asset management

Ability to match projects with their taste

Our tailor-made services to UNHI clients are handled by a team of experts who remain dedicated to safeguarding the financial interests of the individual. We maintain close and cordial relations with all our UNHI clients, always making sure that they are comfortable and never hurried into taking decisions. We make it a point to scrutinize our properties before bringing them to the notice of our esteemed clients. These properties perfectly match their investment criterions. We take pride in our ability to suggest these UNHI clients only those properties that are worth investing according to their high standards. This helps us in avoiding any wastage of time which is appreciated by our UNHI clients.

At Dibbs & Company, we have a long experience of working with UHNI clients. This has given us a chance to understand their psyche in a much better manner. However, we do not take our knowledge for granted and encourage every UNHI client to come out with their likes and dislikes in detail. Once we are in the know of what features a client wants in a property and what puts them off, it becomes easy for us to select just the right kind of investment projects for him.

We work hard to guard the confidentiality of our UNHI clients
Also, we do our homework on the taste of each of our UNHI clients. These individuals have a varied taste in properties whether they are residential or commercial. Another point where the high net worth individual client differs from common customers is that they are very particular about confidentiality. They do not like to see their identity getting disclosed at a preliminary stage of an investment project. We make sure that the details of any UNHI client do not get revealed to press or friends in electronic media. We promise total confidentiality to our esteemed clients and therefore, they prefer to work with us for their real estate projects.

It is a no boner that high net worth individuals evince interest only in properties that are exceptional on all counts such as location, features, grandeur, luxury, and lifestyle. The fact that a few selections of our clients are UNHI shows that we cannot just match but exceed their expectations in terms of real estate requirements. We not only help these clients in acquiring residential and commercial properties that meet their standards but also provide full assistance and guidance in their development and construction projects. From luxury homes to villas and penthouses and from hotels to apartment buildings, we have a range of properties in the UK for investors belonging to the UNHI category. Whether a client wants scenic building lands or castles we have what it takes to satisfy the whims of a UNHI client.

It is our ability and willingness to work in tandem with the objectives of super-rich clients that gives us an edge over other real estate companies in U.K. We keep the number of intermediaries down to a minimum so that our UNHI clients are comfortable dealing with us. Feel free to call us today to know how we can help you in attaining your real estate goals in the country.

You are not buying a home..... you are buying a lifestyle