UHNI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual)

UHNI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual)

UHNI is an acronym that stands for Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals. It is used to refer to individuals and families with liquid assets of more than $30 million. This wealth usually excludes the primary residence, consumer durables, and collectables in possession of the individual. According to a reliable estimate, UHNI constitutes just 0.003% of the population, and they hold nearly 13% of the total wealth of the world. Catering to such individuals requires meticulous attention to satisfy their taste and high expectations.

Dibbs & Company will provide all clients and UHNI with the unbeatable combination of expert service at an affordable price. We offer an entirely bespoke administrative service for high net-worth individuals and their families. Dibbs & Company work through established contacts, networking with new cliental, Cooperate, Executive Officers, government officials which align with the UK property acquisition law.

Also, we have extensive experience in establishing and managing complex, high-value structures for international clients who want to acquire properties in the UK. We have a deep understanding of the issues that come with inter-generational wealth transfers and succession planning. Currently, we offer services to families from the second and third generations of many of our UHNI clients which is a testimonial to our loyal and dedicated services. All our UHNI clients know they can trust us and that their financial interests are safe with us, and we are also working closely with their financial advisors at their request. We built our strong reputation based on trust and honesty, which makes our clients work with us and also recommend us to their friends.

Dibbs & Company team of experts will assist in crucial decision making in a discrete acquisition or disposal of assets. Our understanding of luxury assets enables us to provide the best personal concierge service to clients who are from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.

At Dibbs & company, we offer a one-stop-shop approach, backed by a dedicated team of highly trained relationship managers who provide the starting point for customised solutions such as:

Property acquisition
Mortgage solutions
Property development advice
Property disposals
Asset management

Ability to match projects with their taste

Our tailor-made services to UHNI clients are supported by a team of experts who ensure that they provided all relevant information about property listings (e.g. luxury homes) before decisions are made. We make it a point to scrutinise our properties before bringing them to the notice of our esteemed clients and aim to provide a selection that matches their investment criterions. This helps us in avoid any wastage of time, which is appreciated by our UHNI clients.

We work hard to guard the confidentiality of our UNHI clients. Also, we do our homework on the taste of each of our UNHI clients needs.At Dibbs & Company, we have a vast amount of experiences of working with UHNI clients which have given us the advantage of understanding their needs and having them met to a high standard. However, we appreciate that every client is unique, and we act by the brief we are given during consultation meetings.

The privacy and confidentiality of all clients is key to our approach and policy at Dibbs and Company. We will not disclose the identity of clients at a preliminary stage of an investment project (e.g. purchasing a property) and avoid details of our clients (UHNI) to be revealed to the third parties (e.g. press and other forms of the media). The details of properties (e.g. location) will also not be shared with third parties at any point in time unless the clients give consent.

Dibbs and Company can work in tandem with the objectives of UHNI clients that gives us an edge over other real estate companies in the UK. We keep the number of intermediaries to a minimum so that our UHNI clients are comfortable with dealing with us.

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