Private Client Service

Private Client Service

If you are a homeowner or an investor looking to secure Real Estate within the United Kingdom (UK), you have come to the right place. We are a Real Estate company that assist international buyers from the Middle East, Africa, Far- East and all other parts of the world to achieve their dream and ambition of owning properties in the UK.
Our role involves researching and engaging in the meticulous filtering process of a property search on your behalf. We simplify complexities that surrounds identifying properties (residential or commercial) which are fit for purpose and meets your budget requirements. International buyers (Our Clients) who may not know the updated UK rules and regulation regarding the buying process of properties can be rest assured that we would simplify the information ensuring they are well informed and conversant during the process and beyond.
We understand that time is always of the essence; Thus, as a purchaser, you need not do all the research in finding and then comparing the features and ROI of various properties as we do it all for you.

Service that is more of a partnership in nature

At Dibbs and Company, we carefully select to provide tailored, practical solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing property market trends. We are not after fees; we make sure we give you the best service that will leave you satisfied. Dibbs and Company thrive at being reliable and honest and when using our experienced property expert we will endeavour to provide you with all the help and assistance you need to succeed in your real estate ventures. Our multi-jurisdictional private client service is built on long-term trust and personal relationships founded on a deep understanding of what matters to our clients, not only considering the present but long-lasting positive outcomes.

Receive a free, no obligations consultation with us

More than 50% of referrals come to us from our previous clients, and this is because of our policy of total devotion to meeting their needs. We may be experts in our field, but to us, our client’s views are more valuable. Therefore, we take a flexible approach in switching between being the expert and facilitator throughout the buying and closing process.We also discuss strategies to move ahead with confidence in the UK real estate market

A bundle of services for our clients

We aim to be a one-stop solution for investors looking for high ROI from the UK property market.
We have designed a range of services for private clients to take care of all their requirements.
We listen to our client’s requirements, budget, and investment goals.
We match all properties at our disposal to come up with the best properties for the client.
We schedule viewings on behalf or according to the convenience of our clients.
We provide our own feedback including the pros and cons of each property.
We do research on the motivational levels of our clients to explore unique ways to maximise their gains.
We estimate the fair market value of the property and negotiate with seller’s agents.
We are always there with the investors during the purchase process, to guide and assist whenever needed.
We are there at the time of the closing and help the investor in completing all formalities and legal paperwork.
We stay in touch with our client even after completion stages to learn about their experience.

If you are ready to purchase a property in U.K, we are there by your side to make it a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Your dream to purchase a property in the UK can be a hassle-free and an affordable experience once you choose to work with us. Get in touch with us today to find out more


Case Studies

British matured couple, known as Mr & Mrs. M, originally lived and worked in the UK. They had the opportunity to emigrate 25 years ago whilst working for the Foreign and Commonwealth office in most of sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr & Mrs. M decided to return back to the UK with the view to secure a London apartment -but was completely outdated with the whole property process. After spending endless time researching, speaking with various agents and property developers to no avail, they decided to appoint Dibbs and Co to assist and facilitate their search process.

Dibbs and Co were able to secure a Luxurious 2-bedroom apartment within the City of Westminster on behalf of our client. The building resides in one of the Borough’s prominent postcodes, all within excellent proximity to St. James’s Park, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

Year Bought: 2014
Bought Value: £1,250,000
Saved Value: 10% (£125,000) off the asking price
Current Value: £1,925,000
Increase: 54%

The daughter of a well establish family from the Far East decided to invest in the property market after graduating from one of the most distinguished universities in London, United Kingdom. Coming from a wealthy background in Textiles, her main goal was to retain part of the family wealth whilst ensuring growth through diversification.

The client initially contacted us solely on a consultation basis but was impressed with our advice and strategic approach, that she subsequently instructed us to represent her with the whole purchase process.

We swiftly seized the opportunity for the client to invest in one of London’s hottest Zone 1 Boroughs. Located in a special part of central London, it is a place with a vibrant history and an exciting future. With a £2.3 billion regeneration programme on 28 acres of land -it was evidently the place to invest.

The client decided to secure two units over a period of 18 months - first purchase was solely an investment whereas the second was secured off-plan as a London based home during the holidays.

Year Bought: 2013 & 2014
Combined Value: £1,225,000
Saved Value: 3% (£36,750) off the asking price
Current Value: £1,525,000
Increase: 24.5%
Rental Yield: 5.6% annually

A Senior Director of a new generation bank in West Africa decided to expand his Property Investments in the UK. His idea was to develop a long-term financial security through a stable passive income with assured yields and capital appreciation and for the sole purpose of generating residual income.

Dibbs and Co were able to advise their client to invest in the North West of England, one of the UK’s most vibrant and popular cities. A destination with numerous higher education establishments within and around the city which has an excess of 150,000 students studying - ensuring him that this was a sure secured opportunity to delve into.

Although having previous experience, for our client, a real estate investment in the UK was an uncharted territory. Dibbs and Co seized the opportunity to guide their client through the process, from the sourcing stages right through to the completion stage - which resulted in securing a large period building which had been converted into self-contained flats. They all varied in size - from a Studio to a 4 bedroom flat. Through our network of resources, we were able to also acquire tenants immediately on behalf of our client generating instant income on the investment.

Year Bought: 2010
Purchase Price: £650,000
Current Value: £1,350,000
Increase: 107%
Rental Income: £96,000 PA (When fully occupied)
Rental Yield: 14.7% annually

Location, Location, Location