Educational Consulting

Dibbs and Co offers an exclusive bespoke ‘Educational Consultancy Service’ by supporting families, children and young people with educational planning in the UK. The UK has an excellent reputation for providing an education that is quality assured. All schools, colleges and universities adhere to strict standards that are regulated by government officials and therefore the pupils receive excellent teaching, additional support and exceptional resources. The knowledge, confidence and experiences gained from studying in the UK inspire pupils to create a positive path in life. The UK education curriculum is highly rated among the best in the world with the schools, colleges and universities performing well in the world rankings. In the ‘Times Higher Education World Rankings 2017’, UK universities are in the top 10 with University of Oxford and University of Cambridge being the top 2 universities in the world.

Dibbs and Co provides an advisory service to help families, children and young people living overseas to explore a range of UK independent schools, colleges and universities and offer assistance with the admission process. At Dibbs and Co, the Educational Consultants specialises in giving advice on the best educational settings and specialist provisions that will meet a student’s holistic needs. This also includes support with completing and meeting application deadlines, arranging initial open days/evenings visits and support with personal statements. We strive to encourage students to highlight their strengths in the application process in order to be in the best position to gain admission to the top independent schools, colleges and universities. We ensure we are honest and work ethically when catering to students throughout this process.

This service is highly exclusive and the availability of our Educational Consultants is limited. Please enquire as soon as possible in order to secure a consultation date. Upon the delivery of our service, our Educational Consultants are clear about our educational philosophy, expectations of students, fees and counseling process.

We look forward to supporting you.

The object of education is not to fill a man's mind with facts; its to teach him how to use his mind in thinking - Henry Ford